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The Thermo Akku is filled with a special thermal gel, is an extreme versatile therapy device.

  • Cooling in summer

  • Gymnastics with a

  • Massage of bruises and
    pulled muscles

  • Cooling of sprains

  • Massagingof one's partner's
    hardened muscles

  • Sports preparation
    and aftercare

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Arthralgia

  • Tension headaches

  • Neck and shoulder pain, etc.

Not only sportsperson, therapists, alternative practicioners and many more professionals use it with great success for stretching and relaxation massage. The Thermo Akku is helpful for everyone in the family, for seniors and during the sport.

Due to its kind, consistence and many application possibilities, the Thermo Akku replaces conventional heat and cold packs. It cools when insect bites, provides pleasant warmth if hardenings, supports mobility with simple massage movements and relieves pain.

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The Thermo Akku Kälte (cold)

Simply place the cold TA in the freezer
and it will be ready for use within two hours.

The Thermo Akku Wärme (heat)

has simply to be put in boiling water and
gives pleasant warmth after approximately
10 to 15 minutes.



Massages with the TA stimulate blood circulation via application of heat or cold and movement.

The Thermo Akku is also specially recommended for treatment of stomach aches and indigestion in children, combining soft massage and warmth.

The Thermo Akku is an absolutely innovative aid in many situations. lt is uncomplicated and easy to use and should be on hand in every household!


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