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The balance between activity and rest, exertion and relaxation is the essence of well-being.

The flow of energy requires a system of special channels or “meridians”. There­fore, we speak of a circulation of energy.

Physio- refreshment™ massage according to Ketels functions as a regulatory therapy based on the energy teachings of Chinese medicine with massages carried out primarily along the meridians.
Stimulation of acupuncture points can also be included as a secondary therapy. In addition to meridian therapy, a therapy block includes special scar treatment and energetic therapy for the spinal column.

Each treatment of Physiorefreshment™ massage according to Ketels not only counteracts specific symptoms of disease but has a positive effect on the whole organism and its many disorders. It is a holistic energetic massage therapy.

During a therapy block of reflex massage, the Reflex Set and hot-and-cold massages with the Thermo Akku, blockages will be removed with the aim of restoring a harmonious and balanced flow of energy through the body. Physiorefreshment™ massage is easy to learn.

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