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The pen is especially useful for the causal connective tissue therapy.

Its structure is so selected that deep structures and spaces of the tissue can be committed.
Between muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as joint gaps and extensions of muscles extended working techniques are possible.

In the same way, the pen enables a micropressure of muscle inserton and can reach generell areas which are not accessible with the hands. A real relief for the hands.

The spontaneous effect of tingling and warmth can be provoked without injuries.

Wear and tear in therapy = zero - optimally to clean.


The cut of the pointer`s shaft nestles up while contacting the tissue to the subsoil.

The sand-blasted surface provides good adhesion in the handling and stretching of tissues surfaces. The flat tip can stimulate areas of the tissue without penetating the skin. If slight vibrations are used to pulsate the areas, a current of similar sensitivity effects are perceived.

The massive execution of the pointer enables simple and intensive access to neuralgic key points. The thumb-like head allows circling/friction without putting a strain on the own finger joints.

When using the instrument, a lasting, pressure-relieving and pain-relieving effect is perceptible.

Especially, while using the pointer, the empathy of the patient is decisive for the determination of the intensity in the use.


The structure of the pulser is a consistent execution for the treatment of tissue structures of the entire body. The tip (cone) reaches interstices and stretches the tissue on the point and in the depth.

The spiral surface pulls the tissue under pressure and at the same time displaces tissue fluids. The cylinder handle is designed for large area treatment and for the spreading of large muscles and tendons.

With its massive shape and weight, this instrument has the best anatomical possibility, to manipulate structures.
As soon as working with slight vibrations and knocks, large-area tissue movements are clearly perceptible.

The pulser is wear-resistant in the therapy and easy to clean. Its conductivity and storage capacity of heat and cold are unique. The new treatment method and didactics is a sure path to pain-free mobility for intensive and success-oriented therapy.

By dispacing intracellular fluids, a supply base of areas develops and the interplay of abundance and emptiness creates a high vitalization of action potentials.


AP Instruments

The material has a high and specific net weight and is highly conductive.
Can be used with heat, cold or electricity for the desired application.

The V2A steel is easy to clean and has a timeless durability. Wear and tear in the intended use = DEAD LOSS!!!!

For the AP Instruments, a variety of applications are possible:

  1. connective tissue massage and fascial therapy
  2. neuromuscular dysfunctions
  3. scar therapy
  4. for regeneration
  5. for activation of the metabolism
  6. in the reflex zone therapy
  7. for triggering
  8. edema therapy


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