The PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept

PhysiorefreshmentTM is the co-operation of energy, matter, time and space.

Physical legitimacies and anatomical knowledge around the human being, combined in this concept to a comprehensive therapy. The consideration of economically and ergonomically factors play a key role in this help-with-system concept.

The target „from the first treatment step to mobile freedom“, in the sense of a positive life, is the way at issue. Only those who move, moves something and moving time is life. PhysiorefreshmentTM combines tension and relaxation as well as harmony and balance. The specially developed systems and concepts are based on the old doctrine, naturopathic knowledge and the claim of fulfillment of tasks nowadays and in the future. From the base up to the achievement of the possible, this concept creates unique opportunities.

Traditional and modern, a bridge to the causal therapy.

The concept exists of active and passive forms of therapy for treatment / influencing of physiological processes with the target of restoration and preservation of the function of the fractal structures of the body.Different modules are included with which material and energetic processes can be influenced realistically which are essentially for the health of humans. The innovative spirit of therapy in connection with a creative implementation by the trained therapist enables an individual, consequent and quick help with system.

The motivation to the utilization of all modules lies in the intensive perception by the patient – during the application and after the concluded treatment. Mutually caused pain and false burden often lead to the general lack of motivation of the patient. Due to the quick help and relief of pain, the patient achieves back the joy to the movement and develops confidence in each application and with it in the entire therapy. The patient does not only allow the therapy to be done, but also takes over an increasingly active role.

The therapist support this way, while he makes clear the causal context which motivates the patient to receive actively the painlessness and mobility.

The patient learns to take over responsibility for his health again. He recognizes that he finds back to his free mobility thanks to a comprehensive therapy concept. This concept can be learnt and is available for him at any time: thus is “help to self-help”.

Besides all physical and physiological factors has to be considered that the spiritual power is still the only incentive which the human interprets as intuition, soul or mind. Therefore, a successful therapy serves always the spiritual level while the patient is perceived as a human who feels and thinks.

The therapy is the key for the mental, emotional and physical mobile freedom.

The PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept uses the synergies resulting from the combination of old proven doctrines and new ways, to enable the patients a healthier and social more valuable time in everyday life, at work and in sports.

Prevention and rehabilitation require a sophisticated regeneration management. Besides, it has to be considered that according to concrete life situation different measures can be indicated. The metabolism is stimulated by the therapy, resonance phenomena are provoked and neuro-inductive processes are excited.

The flow of energy is supported. The patients are animated and led to healthy movements. Due to these considerations as well as years of experience and observation in sports area, the three therapy-dimensions result in:


M = Matter

The physiological elements which are trained for restoration respectively for conservation of the mobility.


E = Energy

 The intangible spiritual strength which flow back to the patient through the therapy


I = Information

Patient`s training, which enables him to help himself and thus to ensure the long-term therapy success.

A straightened up, pressure-relieved, fluent, balanced and functioning body middle is the central condition for a healthy body and mind and a healthy soul (mens sana in corpore sano – origin of Roman writer Juvenal). The PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept permits an on the patient differentiated and individually coordinated treatment of sturgeon fields, imbalances and malfunctions.

The therapeutic exercises are presented as flowing movements which mobilize the muscular chains along the neurological loops in the patients` body (“long-chain movement”). Carefully rotation is consciously used to achieve an improved mobility with a higher stability by the torsion of the chain. The spiral-dynamically function of the neuromuscular chains is promoted so that with increasing therapy success even catapult-like strength exercise can be possible again.

The simple and ergonomic creation of this target-oriented concept and its contents save time and space and therefore, it is extremely economically usable. Also the working relief for the therapist shows a significant improvement in comparison to many customary methods.




For more than 30 years, Michael Ketels is actively as therapist and pioneer of mobilization therapy. As former competitive athlete, he is very exactly aware about risks and chances of different training forms. Based on his longtime experiences as a successful therapist and sportsman, he developed a range of innovative treatment and training methods. His PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept has already helped many people to achieve new mobility with the help of specifically for this method patented training equipment.


Since her youth, Renate Stücka is an active sportswoman. Full-time she is working as computer scientist in the IT area, and deals for a long time with the convergence of IT and everyday life, as it is currently manifested in the Internet of Things.  As a sportswoman, she got to know therapeutic subjects first from the perspective of the patient. She is focused on the cooperation of the various systems in the body and on the theoretical basics.


Dr. med. Carsten Grüneberg has taken his master in sport sciences and is established as general practitioner. He wrote his doctorate in the long denied primary sports damage (Patellatendinitis, “jumper’s knee”). Since many years, he accompanies the development of the PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept in the awareness that movement encourages quality of life, however, should not make sick (which may also be valid to the physiotherapists). For Dr. Grüneberg, the future for successful therapy lies in compensation of deficiencies in the sports and working ergonomics.


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