Education as „AP-THERAPY-Expert”

Norbert Egloff, owner of the practice for physio- and sports physiotherapy in Böblingen and base of the iQ-Production GmbH, passed the exam for “AP-THERAPY-Expert” as the first participant on the weekend.

The training consists of a basic course and four advanced courses.

Participants have one year to take the exam. After having passed the exam one is “AP-THERAPY-Expert”
and may use this therapy.

Our new cooperation partner

House of Balance / Professor Joseph Godges

Intensive and innovative concepts were implemented in Graz with the competence team for health and sport of iQ-Production GmbH. This cooperation will promote movement and open up new possibilities! It was a great pleasure for us to exchange ideas with this competent partner. To good times for good movements, for a positive work with system.

For the first time at the new PhysiorefreshmentTM Point

Seminar of iQ-Production Academy
Manufaktur für Gesundheit & Sport

Flöz-Zollverein-Straße 5
59368 Werne

From the specialist training “neural inductive AP therapy” partial training – Premiumgym

with our lecturers:

• Michael Ketels und Sandra Bleker
and the guest lecturer:
• Susanne Siebert – Fit after cancer
• Thomas Bergfeld –

iQ-Production on therapie – trade fair in Leipzig 2019

We are looking for to meeting you at the „THERAPIE IN LEIPZIG“
from March, 7 to March, 9, 2019
Hall 2 – booth A10

iQ-Production on TheraPro – trade fair in Stuttgart

TheraPRO trade fair + congress informs about therapy, rehabilitation and prevention. Professional users profit of the wide range of TheraPro products and services to inform themselves, train further and try out products. Also this year, the iQ-Production and its partner RelaxSensation have been successfully represented at the trade fair in Stuttgart. The combination of AP-TOWER, Premiumgym and accessories was a real hightlight which was accepted enthusiasstically by numerous visitors.

Chris Koultukis

An intensive training within 5 days has been provided to Dr. Chris Koultukis from New York City. Already on his flight home, Chris started to develop the therapy and the concept around the topic ” Assistive mobilization for fast and specific help”. We are looking forward to his results from New York.

iQ-Production on MEDICA 2018

PhysiorefreshmentTM is the interaction of energy, matter, time and space.

In this concept, physical laws and anatomical knowledge about human beings are combined to form a comprehensive therapy. The consideration of economic and ergonomic factors plays an important role in this help-with-system.

The goal “from the first therapy step to mobile freedom”, in the sense of a positive lifetime, is the way it is about. Only those who move, move something and moving time is life.

PhysiorefreshmentTM combines tension and relaxation as well as harmony and balance.
The systems and concepts developed especially for this purpose are based on old doctrine, naturopathic knowledge and the entitlement to fulfilling tasks both today and in the future.

From the basis to the achievement of the possible, this concept creates unique possibilities. Traditional and modern, a bridge to causal therapy.

iQ-Production GmbH

Dorfstraße 9d
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