Education and training


Education and training

Ergonomics – adapting working conditions to humans and NOT vice versa.

Economics – how do I use my enery, time, power and space resources best?

„No pressure, no pain“, „Fast Help with System“, „The bridge between statics and dynamics is the balanced center“, „from the form, through the form, into the form“, active – assisstive – passive – therapy“

Structure of the Professional Training

I. Basic course 2 weekends – 9 lessons per day

(à necessary qualification for all further courses)

Explanation of the PhysiorefreshmentTM-Concept and the resulting AP-Therapy 

  • Basics of the fascia and the myofascial system
  • brief explanation of the “anatomy traits” by T. Meyers, R. Schleip, Carla Stecco and others.
  • Introduction of iQ-Production GmbH tools.
  • Therapy demonstrations with volunteer participants
  • Intruduction of using the AP-Instruments
  • „the great dragon“
  • numerous practical applications of the tools

III: • Two-day advanced course – AP-Premiumgym

Do you feel light, dynamic, awake and well-nigh vital?


The functionboard Premiumgym and the associated concept offer fascianating possibilities to find the way back to the ease of movements.

With the involvement of spiraldynamic aspects, active, assistive and passive as well as micro- and macro-movements in the change and in interaction of pressure and tension (compression and decompression) make this possible.

  • Theoretical introduction to functional gymnastics
  • From the functinal chain to the lesion chain
  • Identification and therapeutic approaches oft he lesion chain
  • The holistic training for more vitality
  • Applications in prevention, rehabilitation, therapy, (fascia) sports and motion-hygiene in everydaylife
  • How is it possible to stabilize and stretch muscle groups with the help of the Premiumgym?
  • How is it possible to improve the mobility of joints with the help of the Premiumgym? 
  • How is it possible to activate the spiraldynamic function chains with the help of the Premiumgym?
  • How is it possible to train fascial chains optimally with the help of the Premiumgym? 
  • How is it possible to train fascial chains optimally with the help of the Premiumgym? 
  • Fall, pneumonia and contracture prophylaxis 

The Locations:

• PhysiorefreshmentTMPoint

Flöz-Zeche Zollverein-Straße 9, – Germany

• Gesundheitsakademie Vital
Chemnitzer Straße 32, 44139 Dortmund – Germany

• Acumax GmbH
Beckenmoosstrasse 72 · 5330 Bad Zurzach – Switzerland


II: Two-day advanced course – AP-Technics

  • meeting – Where did problems or questions with the previous application occur?
  • Therapy demonstrations with volunteer participants
  • brief explanation of supplements and general health-promoting food
  • Practical parts:
    • big and small back buildup
    • upper extremities
    • lower extremities
    • feet and hands as „end-flow-channels“
    • thorax
    • The AP-Tower as aid to positioning
    • The AP-Tower as training device
    • free development and unfolding – design possibilities of new techniques


You would like to get to know the PREMIUMGYM and/or the AP-TOWER outside of a seminar and you are not able to visit us at one of the numerous fairs? Here, a workshop is just right for you!

In this workshop, the tools, their material and how they work are explained in many different ways using practical examples, applications and demonstrations.

Notes to courses and workshops:

The seminar days will mainly consist of practical application and miscellaneous exercises. Therefore, sporty clothing is practical. In addition, many practical exercises are performed in pairs.

If this is not desired due to “illnesses”, please inform the course management and the respective partner.

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