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Neuralinductive AP-Therapy

The neuralinductive AP-Therapy stands for active, assistive and passive treatment options from the point of view of ergonomics and labour economy. It is originated from the Physiorefreshment-Concept and combines old proven and almost forgotten forms of therapy with new and improved procedures.

After the diagnosis, the treatment principle provides a well-structured and individual customized treatment procedure. For this purpose different supportive therapy equipment can be used.

The patient is led from the passivity via assistive applications to the activity and is to continue this regularly in his daily routine. In each treatment not only the main symptoms of illness are treated. In its entirety, the organism and its surroundings are seen with all its interference fields, symptoms, lesion and compensation chains as well as its environment and congruence.

PDF: Neuralinductive AP-Therapy

Neuralinductive AP-Therapy from the PhysiorefreshmentTM Concept

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